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Cape Charles was founded in 1886 by two prominent railroad men, William Scott and Alexander Cassatt. They extended the Pennsylvania New York Railroad Line southward through the Delmarva Peninsula. They dredged the harbor and surveyed and platted Cape Charles with their own personal funds. Cape Charles was established almost overnight with 664 building lots, all the same size. The later expansion of the “Sea Cottage Addition” beach lots made it a boom town in the tradition of coastal beachfront towns. Once established, it became the railroad’s southern terminus to which daily trains carried passengers to the beachfront destination of Cape Charles. Steamships then carried these same passengers to Norfolk and beyond until the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel was completed in 1964.

She may have been the dream of two men, but the people who live in Cape Charles know she is a lady. She is fickle, always changing, beautiful, and resourceful. She loves the arts, and music, and good meal, a good time, and she may be the only thing that can lure men from the surf. Since her boom in the early half of the twentieth century, Cape Charles has seen some ups and downs, but she’s come through swimmingly. In the midst of a Renaissance, her beautiful, eclectic mix of Four-Square, Victorian, Craftsman, and Salt-Box architecture is gleaming with new coats of paint. The town is still buzzing with “from-heres” and “come-heres”. The front porch is still where people meet and talk about crops and small town elections . . . and e-trade and golf handicaps! And hearts still quicken at the sight of a Chesapeake Bay sunset, glowing with all of the colors Mother Nature ever conspired to create.

Even though Virginia Beach and all its amenities are easily accessed only a half an hour away, Cape Charles is still the cultural and entertainment epicenter of Northampton County. After all, where else can you find two state-of-the-art marinas, fabulous golf at the new Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus Signature golf courses, music festivals, farmer’s markets, restaurants with jazz trios, bait shop, the local pharmacy/lunch and fountain counter, bed and breakfasts, a legitimate theatre, a museum or two, art galleries, cute gift shops, sidewalk art shows plus a beautiful sand beach – – – all in a town with a population under three thousand! She is a fine lady indeed, and she is always ready to welcome new-comers.