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Small Town Lifestyle Properties
It’s Not Mayberry — But It’s Very Close

Eastern Shore Virginia has over 100 small towns and villages. Many have quaint names like “Oyster“, “Towns End” or Indian names like “Nassawadox” and “Machipongo.” But regardless of the name, they all have one thing in common – they are small friendly places that have been around a long time! And most of the homes have front porches, the better to enjoy a friendly wave or a little conversation with a passing neighbor.

Visit cute shops, banks and post offices where the folks there know your name and pride themselves on giving you personal service. Enjoy our little town restaurants, art galleries and markets. A small coastal town is not just a place to live— it is a time-honored way of life.

Call us at 800-258-3437 and this settling, centering lifestyle could be yours here on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Country Lifestyle Properties
Over the River & Through the Woods

Imagine driving home down a beautiful winding road, past open farm fields and tall green stands of trees. Imagine tiny villages and intimate waterfront neighborhoods set far away from traffic and noise. Imagine fresh air, neighbors that wave, birds flocking to feeders. Imagine moonrise and brilliant “shooting stars” set against a dark sky, unspoiled by the glow of the city lights. Imagine enough space for flower and vegetable gardens and the satisfaction of watching them grow.

If a serene lifestyle in the country is the life for you, call us at 800-258-3437 and come hang your “Done Moving” shingle in the front yard and your hammock in the backyard of an Eastern Shore Virginia country property.