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Eastville, Virginia Real Estate

Eastville is a small Eastern Shore of Virginia inland town with a most impressive claim to fame–it houses the oldest continuous court records in the United States, dating back to 1677 ! Today, people come from all over research these fascinating old records. In 1776, the Eastville Courthouse was the site of the public reading of the Declaration of Independence. Today Courthouse Green features a row of 19th century attorneys offices, the Debtors Prison, the Old Clerk’s Office and the historic Eastville Inn. Built around 1760, it was an elegant private home until converted into an inn. The restaurant portion is still going strong and is very popular now for its excellent food, local wines and historic ambience. The town today has many well maintained historic homes and is a pleasure to see. Not far from the town center are several small waterfront neighborhoods with beachfront or boating oriented homes and lots. Homes in these little neighborhoods tend to be traditional in design on the street side but more contemporary on the water side, with lots of windows to properly appreciate the gorgeous water views and spectacular sunsets. One little neighborhood is located on land once owned by Governor Yeardley, one of Virginia’s earliest governors, thus pulling together the old and the new, the historic and the modern.


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