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Kiptopeake Beach Real Estate

Kiptopeake was the brother of Debedevon, king of the Powatan Indians, who was said to have welcomed Capt. John Smith to the Eastern Shore when Smith landed here in 1608. Kiptopeake apparently lived south of Cape Charles and a portion of the beachfront land near the very tip of the Shore is still referred to as “Kiptopeake Beach”. Close to tiny, colorful villages like Capeville and Townsend, this narrow strip overlooking the Chesapeake Bay boasts many unique land features including tall bluffs reaching from 25 to 50 feet in height, a section of rolling dunes covered with pines and wax myrtles which then slopes gently down a section of impressive maritime oak and hickory forest. And where that unique stretch of land meets the water is a wide beach of soft, sugar-dash;white sand, thought by many to be the most beautiful beach on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Several impressive and upscale beachfront neighborhoods, with lot sizes measured in acres and descriptive names like “Sugar Hill” and “Butler’s Bluff”, are nestled along this shoreline. Just relaxing on the deck, listening to the beach music of waves lapping and shorebirds calling, watching the sun’s dazzling colors as it sets over the Bay are treasured evening events for Kiptopeake residents and guests. And set away from any city lights, stars here seem to twinkle brighter and the moon seems to shine even more intensely. For those lucky enough own a beachfront or beach access home or lot on Kiptopeake Beach, life is very, very sweet indeed.


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