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Fishing on the Eastern Shore

Old men here say fishing’s so good you have to hide behind a tree to bait your hook. And it’s true. Our location lends itself to great year-around fishing. We have the Atlantic Ocean, the warm Chesapeake Bay, countless creeks and inlets, rivers and salt and fresh water ponds and lakes all within 10 minutes of each other!

There are a hundred great ways to go fishing here and even more than a hundred folks that will be glad to take you. Charter a boat and go out to sea with a knowledgeable captain, or out to Bay. Fish off the Inside Passage or surf cast from a Barrier Island Beach. Enjoy all of the beautiful piers and docks in Kiptopeke, Cape CharlesOyster, Willis Wharf, Onancock and more than 30 others. Pull up a milk crate and share the views and the piers with neighbors at Red Bank or Quinby. There is always a charter out of Wachapreage. Fish a sunken ship. Cast at night under more stars than you can count, or how about by the lights of the Bay Bridge Tunnel. What if you could deep-sea fish off a pier? Well, you can at Fisherman’s Pier on the Bay Bridge Tunnel! The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel acts as a man made reef and boy there are plenty of fish that make the reef a home!

What can you catch here? The question is what can’t you catch here! Our seaside is famous for its flounder, but there are also bluefish, trout and croaker. And don’t give up a shot at the big game; go for marlin, tuna, wahoo, dolphin and king mackerel. The bayside is even sweeter with its tautog, spot, croaker, bluefish, speckled trout and a ton of others in every creek. Too many fish, too little space! And how about those rock fish?!

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