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Silver Beach (Jamesville, VA) Real Estate

“Silver Beach” is the fond nickname given to the area known more formally to the US Post Office as Jamesville, Virginia. Named for the sparkling waters with diamond-dash;like reflections shimmering along the shallows of the Chesapeake Bay where it meets this long stretch of shoreline, the Silver Beach area is defined by its proximity to extensive stretches of sugary soft sand beaches. Little upscale neighborhoods with names like Peaceful Beach and Peaceful Shores have been tastefully developed to accommodate those whose sweetest dream is to live the relaxed beach life. Baby Boomer locals reminisce about slow dancing under the stars out on the veranda of the old Silver Beach Hotel, the music infused with the romance of waves lapping along the beach. Although the hotel is long gone, the enchantments of the beach and the waves are still appreciated by the folks who have bought beautiful beachfront and beach access lots and built their dream homes along this gorgeous stretch of coastline. If you are hoping to live on or near the beach, consider a home or lots located in one of these little Silver Beach area neighborhoods. Whether it’s for leisure, retirement or fulltime living, get ready to love the sweet beach life here! And for those who are more interested in a boating lifestyle, several little neighborhoods are available nearby which are centered around the salt waters of broad inlets from the Chesapeake Bay, offering opportunities for backyard boat docks rather than beach.


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